Luke 5:16

Animus Bellum, Part 2

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Darkness.  It was all darkness.  As Mike woke from his fall, the end of which must have briefly knocked him unconscious, he was dizzy and confused.  Where had he fallen to?  Where was the waiting room?  Had he been dreaming, or was this the dream?  He struggled to stand and clear his foggy mind.  As he gained his composure his eyes began to acclimate to the darkness, and he was able to negotiate his way around the room.

It was small.  There were obviously no windows.  The walls were bare, and the floor seemed smooth and solid, like tile or concrete.  The strangest part of the room, however, was not the physical space, but the overwhelming feeling of safety and comfort that Mike felt being down in this dark lonely place.  He slowly backed up against the wall, then slumped, once again, to the cold, hard floor.  He sat, staring into the dark nothingness of the room.  As he slouched, he was lulled into a drowsy stupor.  His mind began to wander to things that had no real meaning or value.  Images, thoughts, wishes, dreams, things that could not possibly come true or even exist.

As he allowed his psyche to conjure up these absurd desires, the room began to brighten, and the images from his mind began to appear, as if projected or painted on the very walls of this cell.  He started to lose the desire to want to find a way out, as he was physically surrounded by his own thoughts.  He stopped wondering where his normal world had disappeared to.  He felt as if this was somewhere he had been before, and that, to some extent, he actually belonged here.  It was easier down here; safer.  There was no one to watch what he did, no one to answer to, no one to tell him what to think.  His mind was filled with the bliss of fantasy as he sat enveloped by the realized creations of his own imagination.  He hadn’t intended on being here, but he wanted to stay.  The more calm he became and the more comfortable he felt, and as if his thoughts were now controlling the very space that he inhabited, the one, solitary door in or out of the room began to slide open…

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