Luke 5:16

How He Loves

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been really convicted by my movement away from God over the past few weeks. This morning I had an experience that God has used to reveal a portion of his relationship to me.

We were at my in-laws this morning before school, as we always are. It was a nice day out, so we were already outside. My son went inside to find something, and I walked around the corner to the back yard. As he came out the back door, he realized that I wasn’t in sight of him, and he immediately began to cry. I heard him crying right away, and walked around to the side of the house where he was and asked what was wrong. “I couldn’t find you,” he replied, and ran to me and latched onto my leg, like I had been gone for days. I reassured him that I hadn’t gone anywhere, and that everything was okay, and he fairly quickly recovered and went on with his play.

I’m sure you can see where this is going, but it didn’t strike me until later, as I was driving to work, and pondering a song that’s been on my heart and mind a lot lately. My experience has been, over the last couple of weeks, that I have been earnestly seeking God, but failing miserably in my own discipline. Through this experience, I feel that God is telling me (and us) several things:

He Didn’t Go Anywhere

He’s always here, just around the corner, and would never leave us, on purpose, to wander through life aimlessly seeking him. I knew where my son was, but he couldn’t see me. He walked away, and didn’t realize how far he had gotten from my side, and he got scared.

Just Call His Name

As I proved to my son this morning, all it took was a cry for help, and I came to find him. I was right there all along, and there was no reason for alarm. God is waiting and listening for us to cry out to him, ready to rush to our aid and comfort us, not wanting to punish us or play tricks on us.

Everything Will Be Okay

All it really took to reassure my son this morning was the fact that I was right there and didn’t leave him on purpose. God wants us to know that, even when we get lost and can’t find him, it’s not the end of the world. He is right there, he still loves us and won’t leave, and that everything is going to be okay.

Keep Him in Sight

It’s scary when we realize that we have strayed far from our Heavenly Father, and we go into panic mode. We desperately run this way and that trying to find him, getting stressed out that we’re going to get in trouble because we didn’t stay right beside him, and finally, collapsing in a pile of pity and shame where we sob and weep, thinking that there’s no hope. But that’s all a lie. We can stray, we can move, we can get separated, all because of little things that put a space between us and God. As long as we know that he is always within shouting distance, and we realize that all we need to do is make him aware that we’re scared and not sure what to do, he will come running, with open arms and a heart full of grace, to embrace us once again and reassure us that everything is okay.

Here’s the song:


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