Luke 5:16

is Jesus Enough?

Christmas 2003: The NativityMy pastor recently spoke of his grandmother, whose husband died when she was just 52 years old. When asked why she decided to never remarry, her answer was simply,

“Jesus is enough.”

As we are deeply immersed in a season and society of materialism and greed, I have to ask, is Jesus enough for you? God sent a portion of himself down from heaven to be born, grow, suffer, and die like a man so that he would not have to look at our sin and he could redeem us back to himself. Is that knowledge alone enough to sustain your life?

Admittedly, whether good or bad, I don’t think I’m there yet. Yes, i could do without many of the material things that I have in my life. I could live in a smaller house, buy fewer Christmas presents, and maybe even live off of books as my sole form of entertainment, but when it comes to the really important things, like my wife and children and my church, I’m not sure I could fill the void so quickly if they were all just taken away from me.

This year, as we celebrate the birth of God’s redeeming Son, and we get caught up in the rush of presents and entertainment, family and friends, wants and desires, take the time to ask yourself, could Christ’s presence, alone, in my life take the place of all this?

Merry Christmas! I wish all of you the best and most blessed of holidays!


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