Luke 5:16

Are You A Hater?

I haven’t written in a while because, honestly, I haven’t felt like I had anything to write about.  However, I decided to throw this out there today because this video, and one quote in particular from it, struck me.  Take a look:

So which part of his story got you the most?  For me it was the question, “how much do you have to hate someone to NOT

I don’t believe in bible-thumping, turn-or-burn, proselytizing.  However, I do believe that our story and our faith should be shared because of its importance and the implications that it carries.  Do you agree that we’re “hating” the people we don’t share our faith with?  In what other ways could we be sharing our faith without walking up and handing the person a bible?

I think the key to the story in the video was the genuine and authentic attitude with which the man approached Penn.

How have you reached out recently?  How?  Were you “successful?”  What was the experience like?

Carlos Whittaker (@loswhit) recently wrote about an experience with reaching out.  I believe that what he did was definitely a form of proselytizing.

I want to know what you have to say…


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