Luke 5:16


A Prayer to My Lord

My Father,

Show me the ways that I can keep your name holy.

Bring your kingdom to fruition on the earth and pour out your Spirit on all of your people.

May we choose to live according to your will for our lives, just as Heaven operates by your will.

Provide for our needs so we do not have to worry about where our provisions will come from.

Forgive us as we continue to learn to live in your grace, and help us understand the power and freedom that comes from forgiving others.

Fill us with your spirit and write your word on our hearts so that we will not fall into the traps of temptation and sin against you, so that when the Enemy seeks to destroy us, he will be rebuked by your power within us.

We pray in the authority of your son Jesus Christ, who came so that we might have life.



Preaching to the Spirits in Prison

Christ sufferedt for our sins once for all time. He never sinned, but he died for sinners to bring you safely home to God. He suffered physical death, but he was raised to life in the Spirit. So he went and preached to the spirits in prison — those who disobeyed God long ago when God waited patiently while Noah was building his boat. Only eight people were saved from drowning in that terrible flood.
~1 Peter 3:18-20~

I had a lot of questions about this passage as I read it last night.  I would love to hear your thoughts on each of them.

  • Christ died for the sins of all people, right?  But we also argue that those who have not heard Christ’s message go to hell.  This passage tells us that he even redeemed the sins of those who died before he came, specifically those who died in the great flood.  God knew that he would send Christ as an atonement, even thousands of years before, when all the people of the earth were wicked and were destroyed, but had not been given a chance to be redeemed.  This tells me that God is not ultimately a God of wrath and retribution, but that even those who were destroyed because of their wickedness were given a chance to hear the story of salvation and accept God.
  • So, what implications does this have now?  What does this mean for people all over the world who have never been given the opportunity to hear the Gospel?  Do they automatically go to hell because they didn’t hear about and believe in Christ?  This seems unreasonable from the perspective of Grace.  So, do they get the chance to hear the Good News even in the afterlife?
  • How does this apply to us, then, who are called to take the Gospel into all the world?  Should we just stop because those who haven’t heard will be okay, anyway?  What about people of other faiths?  Do you have to literally and physically reject Jesus as the Messiah in order to automatically go to hell?

I’m not necessarily trying to stir up a huge debate here, but these are questions that really need to be asked.  In some instances, I’m really playing “devil’s advocate” (for lack of a better term), but I am intently interested in all the perspectives.

This is a prevalent notion throughout America and the world right now, especially since the release of Rob Bell’s new book and all the controversy surrounding it (just do a google search and you’ll find out).  This isn’t meant to be a commentary on that particular subject, but it does fit closely with the same kinds of questions he is asking.

So, I’m not asking for answers.  I’m asking for your thoughts.  I want to hear what questions you have.  I want to open a dialogue, not a debate.  Because it’s not about you or me being right or wrong, ignorant or brilliant, holy or heretical.  It’s about us, wrestling with the Truths of the Kingdom here on earth.


I wish I wasn’t part of a statistic.

I wish I wasn’t part of the problem.

I wish I didn’t feel like the only one that needed fixing.

I wish I knew how to talk about it.

I wish I could put my thoughts into words.

I wish I could tell you how I feel.

I wish I didn’t feel like crying.

I wish I wasn’t confused.

I wish I could understand you.

I wish this wasn’t so hard.

I wish I knew how it was going to end.

I wish.

I cannot keep from speaking.
I must express my anguish.
My bitter soul must complain.
~Job 7:11~

What do you wish for today?  How does your soul complain?  How do you respond?